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Collection: Pistol lighter

Collection of Pistol Lighters: Original Accessories for Enthusiasts

1. Metal Pistol Lighters: Style and Robustness Combined

Discover our range of metal pistol briquettes, accessories combining style and robustness for sensation seekers. Featuring a design inspired by classic pistols, these briquettes add a touch of originality to your collection. With their solid construction and adjustable flame, these briquettes are perfect for everyday use or as a gift for a gun enthusiast.

2. Gas Pistol Lighters: Power and Reliability at Your Fingertips

Opt for our gas gun briquettes and benefit from the power and reliability of instant ignition. With their gas ignition system, these briquettes offer a powerful and regular flame, perfect for lighting your cigarettes, cigars and pipes in the blink of an eye. Whether you are an avid collector or a thrill-seeker, our gas pistol briquettes will meet your expectations in terms of performance and style.

3. Rechargeable Pistol Lighters: Practical and Economical

Get ready for a seamless lighting experience with our refillable pistol lighters. Thanks to their practical refill system, these briquettes allow you to always have a flame at hand, without ever having to worry about running out of fuel. With their ergonomic design and reliable performance, our rechargeable pistol lighters are the perfect accessory to accompany your moments of relaxation or to add a touch of style to your collection.

4. Triple Flame Pistol Lighters: For Maximum Power

Experience maximum power with our triple flame pistol briquettes, designed to provide fast and efficient ignition with every use. Equipped with three adjustable flames, these briquettes ensure homogeneous and uniform combustion, even in the most difficult conditions. Whether lighting a cigar during an evening with friends or for everyday use, our triple flame pistol briquettes are always ready to meet your lighting needs.

5. Electronic Pistol Lighters: Modern Technology and Comfort of Use

Enter the modern era with our electronic pistol briquettes, for instant and effortless ignition. Thanks to their electric ignition system, these briquettes offer a safe and practical alternative to traditional briquettes. Just press a button for an instant flame, perfect for lighting your cigarettes, cigars and pipes with ease. With their USB charging and ergonomic design, our electronic pistol briquettes are the ideal accessory for daily use.

6. Luxury Pistol Lighters: For Lovers of Exceptional Objects

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury with our luxury briquette guns, premium accessories designed to impress. Made from premium materials, these briquettes combine elegance and performance for an incomparable lighting experience. Whether you're an avid collector or looking for an exclusive gift, our luxury pistol lighters are the perfect choice for those who demand the best. The blowtorch lighter collection may just as well please you.