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Collection: Closed ashtray

Collection of Closed Ashtrays: Elegance and Cleanliness Guaranteed

Discover our superb collection of closed ashtrays, practical and aesthetic accessories designed to meet your tobacco waste management needs. Whether you are looking for an ashtray for your interior, your exterior, your car or your travels, we have the perfect model for you. Explore our selection now and find the ideal closed ashtray to complement your lifestyle.

Closed Ashtrays for Interior: Discretion and Efficiency

Our indoor closed ashtrays are designed to blend seamlessly into your decor while providing a practical solution for containing cigarette butts. Equipped with an airtight lid, they help keep your interior space clean and tidy, while preventing unpleasant odors. Available in a variety of styles and materials, our indoor enclosed ashtrays add a touch of elegance to any room in your home or office. Perfect for containing the smoke from your cigarettes.

Closed Ashtrays for Outdoors: Durability, Stainless Steel and Weather Resistance

For your outdoor space, opt for our outdoor ashtrays specially designed to resist the elements with their stainless steel material. Made from durable and hard-wearing materials, such as metal or premium plastic, these closed ashtrays are perfect for outdoor use. Their sturdy design and leak-proof lid make them suitable for patios, gardens, decks and public areas where cleanliness is essential, use our ashtrays as a trash can.

Closed Car Ashtrays: Cleanliness on the Go

Our closed car ashtrays are specially designed for smokers to accompany you on your car trips while keeping your vehicle clean and tidy with their anti-odor features. Compact and discreet, they attach easily to your dashboard or center console, giving you a convenient place to safely dispose of your cigarette butts while you drive. With their airtight lid, they also prevent unwanted odors in your car.

Portable closed ashtrays: Practicality on the go

For those who are often on the move, our portable closed ashtrays are the ideal accessory to keep your environment clean wherever you go. Lightweight and compact, they fit easily into your pocket, purse or backpack, giving you a convenient way to dispose of your cigarette butts on the go. With their tight-fitting lid, they prevent ash and odors from escaping, ensuring a clean, hygienic and recycled smoking experience.


Opt for cleanliness and elegance with our collection of closed ashtrays. Whether you need an ashtray for your interior, your exterior, your car or your travels, we have the perfect model to meet your needs, even for cigars. Explore our selection today and discover the ideal solution to keep your space clean and tidy, wherever you are. The exterior ashtray is designed to combine perfectly with this one.