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Collection: Wall ashtray

Wall Ashtray Collection: Practical Elegance for Your Space

Discover our exclusive selection of wall-mounted ashtrays, combining practicality and aesthetics to meet your cigarette waste management needs. With their functional design and contemporary style, our wall-mounted ashtrays are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a discreet and stylish solution to disposing of cigarette butts.

Stainless Steel Wall Ashtray: Robust and Modern

Opt for a stainless steel wall-mounted ashtray for a durable and stylish solution. Made from high-quality materials, this corrosion-resistant ashtray is designed to last over time. Its clean, modern design fits perfectly with all types of decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Robust plastic wall ashtray: Lightweight and easy to install

Choose a sturdy plastic wall-mounted ashtray for a practical and cost-effective solution. This lightweight ashtray is easy to install on any wall, providing a space-saving option for collecting cigarette waste. Its discreet design adapts to all environments, from offices to public spaces.

Wall Ashtray with LED Lighting: Style and Increased Visibility

Add a touch of modernity to your space with a wall-mounted ashtray equipped with LED lighting. Not only does this ashtray provide a practical solution for disposing of cigarette butts, but it also adds a bright ambiance to your environment. Perfect for dark or poorly lit areas, this ashtray guarantees increased visibility, even at night.

Tempered Glass Wall Ashtray: Elegance and Transparency

Treat yourself to a tempered glass wall ashtray for a touch of elegance and transparency. This clean design ashtray is ideal for modern and selected environments. Its tempered glass construction guarantees exceptional durability and strength, while its transparent design makes it easy to view the fill level.


Add a touch of style and functionality to your space with our collection of wall ashtrays. Whether you prefer a stainless steel, sturdy plastic, LED-lit, or tempered glass ashtray, we have what you need to meet your cigarette waste management needs. The Moroccan ashtray is perfect to combine with this one.