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Collection: Original ashtray

Collection of Original Ashtrays: Add a Touch of Eccentricity to Your Space

1. Original Ashtrays for Interior Decoration: Unique Pieces to Enhance Your Interior

Discover our exclusive selection of original ashtrays, designed to elevate your interior design to a whole new level. Made from premium materials and adorned with artistic designs, these ashtrays are more than just functional accessories; they are true works of art that will bring a touch of originality to your living space.

2. Original Ashtrays for Outdoors: a wide range of innovative decorative creations

Discover our range of original outdoor ashtrays, perfect for adding a touch of style to your garden, patio or terrace. Sturdy, durable and weather-resistant, these ashtrays combine functionality and aesthetics, providing a stylish solution for disposing of cigarette butts while beautifying your outdoor space.

3. Original travel ashtrays with lid: Practical and stylish companions for your travels

Opt for originality wherever you are with our collection of unique travel ashtrays. Compact, lightweight and featuring innovative designs, these ashtrays are perfect for those who want to dispose of their waste responsibly while maintaining their personal style, whether traveling by car, train or plane.

4. Original Ashtrays for Multiple Use: Versatility and Elegance for All Occasions. Decorative ashtrays perfect for decorating your interiors

Discover our selection of original ashtrays designed to meet all your needs. Whether for everyday use at home, on the go or outdoors, our original ashtrays offer versatility, functionality and style in stainless steel. With unique designs and high quality materials, they are the perfect accessory for all lovers of style and practicality. Perfect for smoker and hold their cigarettes and smells with it. The wall ashtray is perfect to add to your masonry.