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Collection: Free-standing ashtray

Collection of Standing Ashtrays: Elegance and Practicality for your Spaces

Discover our Collection of Pedestal Ashtrays, elegant, durable and functional pieces designed to meet your waste management needs in a sophisticated way. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our free-standing ashtrays add a touch of style to your spaces while providing a practical solution for disposing of trash and ashes.

Stainless Steel Pedestal Ashtray: Strength, durable and odor resistant.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel, our pedestal ashtray combines strength and durability. Perfect for public places or a public space.
  • A standing ashtray perfect for your exteriors
  • Its elegant design fits harmoniously into any environment, whether in offices, cafes, or public spaces.
  • Featuring an easy emptying system, this free-standing ashtray offers a practical solution for keeping spaces clean and tidy.
  • Ashtrays with a large storage capacity that keep a certain cleanliness in the street and which will please any smoker and for perfect smoking.

Aluminum Pedestal Ashtray: Light and Elegant. Ashtrays on legs that are easy to empty.

  • Made from lightweight aluminum, our free-standing ashtray is both practical and aesthetic.
  • Its sleek finish adds a touch of sophistication to any space, while providing a practical solution for disposing of cigarette butts.
  • Featuring a stable base, this free-standing ashtray stays in place even in windy conditions, ensuring effective waste and cigarette butt management.
  • An ashtray on adjustable and recyclable legs, perfect if you like recycling.

Plastic Ashtrays: Versatility and Easy Maintenance

  • Our plastic pedestal ashtray offers a versatile and easy-to-maintain solution to waste management.
  • Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move and install in a variety of environments, from parks to patios to seating areas.
  • With its weather-resistant design, this free-standing ashtray is ideal for outdoor use, providing a practical solution for keeping spaces clean.

Glass Pedestal Ashtray: Elegance and Transparency

  • Our glass pedestal ashtray adds a touch of elegance and transparency to any space.
  • Made from high-quality glass, this pedestal ashtray is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Its clean, modern design makes it a perfect choice for interior spaces, from lobbies to reception rooms.
  • A basket or cigarette bin that can hold liters of cigarette butts, perfect for tri-selective people

Advantages of our Pedestal Ashtrays

  • Made from high quality materials, our pedestal ashtrays offer exceptional durability and strength.
  • Their elegant design fits harmoniously into any environment, adding a touch of style to your spaces.
  • Easy to maintain and clean, our free-standing ashtrays offer a practical and hygienic solution for waste management.
  • Available in a variety of styles and materials, our free-standing ashtrays meet all your waste management needs.
  • With similar characteristics, the push ashtray will be a very good ally.