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Car Ashtray Collection: Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Tidy

1. Car Ashtrays: Protect Your Interior from Ashes and Butts, perfect for smokers.

Our waterproof car ashtrays are designed to offer a practical and hygienic solution for disposing of tobacco waste while you are on the move. Equipped with an airtight lid, they prevent ashes and odors from escaping, thus keeping your cabin clean and fresh.

2. Universally Mounted Car Ashtray: Suitable for All Stainless Steel Vehicle Models

Our universal fit car ashtrays are compatible with most vehicle models, allowing you to easily install them on your dashboard, center console or armrest. With their compact and discreet design, they blend perfectly into the aesthetics of your car, while providing a practical solution for safely disposing of tobacco waste.

3. Car Ashtrays with LED Light: Practical for Night Use

For increased visibility at night, opt for our car ashtrays with integrated LED light. These practical ashtrays allow you to dispose of your cigarette butts even in the dark, providing a practical solution for keeping your cabin clean and well lit, whatever the time of day.

4. Magnetic Mount Car Ashtrays: a recycling ashtray to recycle your cigarette butts.

Our magnetically attached car ashtrays are equipped with powerful magnets that allow them to attach securely to any metal surface in your vehicle. Whether you place them on the dashboard, center console or doors, these ashtrays will stay in place even on bumpy roads, providing a convenient and safe solution for disposing of tobacco waste while driving and it may also come in handy like trash

5. Car Ashtrays with Phone Holder: Versatile and functional, perfect for waste.

Opt for our car ashtrays with integrated phone holder, and benefit from a versatile and functional solution for your travels. These handy ashtrays not only allow you to safely dispose of your cigarette butts, but also hold your phone in place while you drive, giving you a more convenient, comfortable and smoking driving experience. . . With an integrated windproof feature, these ashtrays will allow you to remove bad odors.

6. Stylish Stainless Steel Car Ashtrays: Combine Style and Utility

For those looking for a car ashtray that combines style and utility, our stainless steel models are the perfect solution. With their stylish design and premium finish, these ashtrays add a touch of sophistication to your car interior, whilst providing a practical solution for safely disposing and emptying tobacco waste. Vintage ashtrays are just as versatile.